A Review of Copyright and Compliance

It seems that twice a year at the beginning of each semester the “copyright” monster rears its ugly head.

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Copyright Question: Video Recording Dance Using Copyrighted Music
Recently I was sent the following question:

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It’s Time to Come to Terms with Music’s Terms of Use
As I travel around the U.S. providing instructional copyright workshops for teachers and students, I am routinely asked, “Why can’t we use the music we legally purchased for our videos or other media projects?”

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A Score In Time
ScoreinTimeAll Things Audio: Music Creation Software, Music & SFX Libraries and Audio Editing Software.

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Copyright Permissions and LipDubs
Hardly a week goes by that some teacher doesn’t ask about the feasibility of using copyrighted music.

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Protect Your Script and Video
Script01What is Copyright? Originally designed to protect printed material from being copied without permission,

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Copyright Permissions and LipDubs
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