Ross Video’s Inception Newsroom Computer System

The newest entry in the Newsroom Computer System (NRCS) space,

Inception is the only NRCS system that has been built from the ground up with multi-platform content creation and publication in mind. Inception is a new breed of NRCS. It not only includes all of the elements required by a traditional NRCS to allow for legacy workflows to be maintained where necessary, but also has a comprehensive digital media toolset that takes Inception well beyond existing offerings.Inception-450

Most companies that produce television news today are multi-media distributors of information. By including a suite of web and social-media features, Inception enables users to easily create and publish content to social outlets and the web while still managing the demand for content to be used on traditional outlets. Inception can also make use of social data for research and the creation of compelling graphical content. Inception comes with built-in publication tools for multiple social-media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram and Weibo. Native plugins are also available for content management systems. To address the constant and rapid change inherent to social and digital media, Inception is designed to easily and quickly integrate with new platforms as they are developed. With Inception, companies can use content generated throughout the day to attract audiences to web and social outlets for scheduled presentation in the linear stream. Additionally, many of the tools needed to produce news can also be used to create scripted content for entertainment, sports and other programming.

The biggest differentiator between Inception and its competitors is in the workflow for multi-platform content creation. Inception has a unique Assignment Manager feature that enables users to create assignments and stories that can quickly and easily be edited to meet the specific requirements of any distribution platform, such as Twitter’s maximum of 140 characters. This flexibility means that users create content only once rather than logging in and out of different web applications and performing countless copy and paste functions, drastically reducing the risk of introducing errors. Additionally, transition issues are eliminated because one person can ensure that content is consistent across platforms by using Inception’s single interface rather than sending content to a digital-media department for upload. This ability to repurpose content ensures that no matter where or when a story breaks, users can get the information to their audiences immediately through the platforms of their choice. With Inception, content can be repeated, expanded upon and repurposed, while virtually guaranteeing consistency of the message.

For example, the power of Inception enables a journalist covering a story in the afternoon to send live tweets through Inception from his or her iPad while creating the longer format web story in the scripting engine. Using the web-based interface, the journalist scripts the story for the 6:00 PM show, writes a tweet—“Watch this exclusive story at 6”—and schedules it for posting at 5:55 PM. The journalist can then return to the site of the story for a live hit as the show opens. During the live broadcast, Inception can be used to monitor social media. Production staff can use the Inception playlist plugin to add user-generated content to the linear stream through the graphics system. Using an automatic clipping tool, such as Ross Quick Turn, the whole story is encoded and stored. Inception is set up to find the content, upload it and post it to Facebook with a URL that takes followers to the video on the company website. This ability to use Inception to drive audiences from Twitter to the linear broadcast, enable viewers to participate in the broadcast, and drive Facebook followers to the company website—all with no manual intervention and no delay—enables content creators to vastly improve audience engagement and retention.

Inception is not only for news organizations. It also includes plugins for social outlets that cater to entertainment and sports. Inception has all of the features needed by any professional NRCS—wires, scheduling, timing engines, archiving, redundancy, scaling, scripting and MOS interconnectivity—but offers so much more. In fact, the ways Inception can be used to produce content is limited only by the imagination of the user.

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