Oxford Elementary School is 1 of 3 elementary schools located in Oxford, Alabama.

Our school consists of grades Kindergarten-4th Grade. We have a total enrollment count of approximately 800 students. Our fourth grade students make up our school broadcast/news team but we have “guest appearances” from students in all grades in our school.

Tell us about your background and how you decided to start teaching TV/Video production?Oxford11 325

I was a kindergarten teacher for 11 years. I have always has a passion for learning new technology and teaching technology skills to students. I decided to go back to school to pursue my Master’s Degree in Media and Technology. In 2013 I became the Media Specialist at our school. I have the priveledge of teaching library media and technology classes at our school, as well broadcast production in the mornings.

How did you obtain initial funding for your program? How do you fund the class now?

Initial funding for the Broadcast Program was provided by our school and supported by our principal Mrs. Debora Nelson. When new equipment is needed I use funds that are profited by hosting book fairs at our school.

Oxford05 325Did you have equipment available?

The equipment that we use at our school was purchased with the sole purpose to begin our broadcast team.

How many kids are in the TV/Video Production classes? How is it broken down? Is it a multi-year program?

There are 8-10 students per broadcast team and we have typically have 3-4 broadcast teams depending on the number of students that show interest in auditioning for the teams each year. We do not actually have a Video Production class at Oxford Elementary School. The students arive 20 minutes early each morning to prepare and rehearse for each days broadcast and the broadcast is streamed live to the school.

Can you tell us a little more about the sessions: How long are the classes? How many students? What types of projects?

The students arrive to school early each morning to prepare and rehearse for each days broadcast. There are 10 students per broadcast team. We have an anchor, sports announcer, weather reporter, character education segment, and the “did you know segment”. We also have two camera operators then one each: sound, computer, and switcher. Our principal, Mrs. Debora Nelson, also participates in our morning broadcast with announcements for the students and faculty.

Oxford01 275The students work for one month intervals then rotate teams. They typically have 2 months during the school year to serve on the broadcast team.

How many kids to do the morning news broadcast? Do you also do a weekly broadcast? Special events coverage?

We have 10 students that work on each broadcast team and we have 4 teams. The students report live each morning. Our students create i-movies throughout the school year to acknowledge special events. Students that are not on the broadcast team can aslo be a special guest on the broadcast team to showcase a project or be acknowledged for a special achievement.

Do your students capture other school events? Sports? Assemblies? Board meetings? Musical Performances?Oxford12 325

Currently our students do not capture other school events as we do not have time during our school day to work on broadcast material. As the media specialiast at the school, I usually video special events and the children use i-movie to turn the video into projects when time allows.

What jobs do the kids do? Do the kids rotate through on-air talent and crew positions or are they “hired” for a specific task?

At Oxford Elementary School we teach grades Kindergarten-4th Grade. Our 4th grade students are encouraged to “audition” for the broadcast team at the beginning of each school year. Students choose a specific role to audition for and are “hired” for that specific role all year. Each team has a one month duty and they rotate monthly. This typically allows each broadcast team two months to serve each year.

Oxford03 275Do students audition for on-air positions?

Students choose which on-air position that would ike to audition for and I hold an audition at the beginning of each school year in the broadcast room.

Do they write the content?

Students are given an example “script” and are allowed to watch a video from the previous years broadcast team. They are then required to rewrite their script making it their “own”. They audition with their own script and they are scored based on preparedness, enthusiasm, and originality.

Oxford06 325How long does the show run?

Each mornings broadcast is streamed throughout or school live and usually runs 5-10 minutes depending on the content being shared on a given day.

Do you submit programming to independent contest?

At this point, we have not submitted our broadcast team to an independent contest for school media teams, but we have submitted a broadcast project to the ACTE this year. Our broadcast team competed in our school technology fair and won 1st place. We are looking forward to seeing them compete now at Regionals and hopefully on to the state level. Check out their broadcast project here: https://youtu.be/1BLgHL25syQ

Oxford08 325Can your broadcast be viewed outside the school? District-wide? Local cable access? On your school/district web-site?Oxford02 275

Currently, our daily broadcast is only available live to each of our classrooms.

Check out a typical broadcast morning production here:

Do you have an equipment list you can share with our readers?

We use the following eqipment:
2 Sony Camcorders on Tripods
Macbook Pro
Eurorack MX 1604A Sound Board
Simo SFX-10 Video Effects Mixer
3 Wired Lapel Microphones
Samsung DVD Player
1 Umbrella Light
1 Flat Screen TV as a Monitor

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