This is the Iron Springs Elementary News and A/V Club.

They started this school year, 2018-2019 as a brand new club in our school. We create a weekly video news segment for our faculty and students. The students spend most of their time in pre-production and production. Almost all of our equipment has come from grants and donations to the club.

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Tell us about your background and how you decided to start teaching TV/Video production?

My name is Dylan Kirklin and I am a graduate of Southern Utah University. I started my career as an intern in Kindergarten and have been working as a 4th grade teacher since that time. I have always been very interested in videography and filming. While I wanted to be a part of Film/News clubs growing up, I used my “free time” in Choirs and Orchestra. This year I volunteered to start an AV/News Club at our school because I knew that students and the entire school would benefit from it.

How did you obtain initial funding for your program? How do you fund the class now?

I asked our principal and he said “Yes!” Principal Jenkins has pretty much said yes to anything I need. I also have been proactive in receiving funding from outside the school. I have been writing grants and have received funding from two of those grants so far.

Did you have equipment available?MinersFlagGreen

I started with one iPad and iMovie. I have built our equipment from there.

How many kids are in the TV/Video Production classes? How is it broken down? Is it a multi-year program?

We have eight Fifth graders who also serve as a part of our school’s Student Leadership Team. Currently we only have those Fifth graders in our Club.

Can you tell us a little more about the sessions: How long are the classes? How many students? What types of projects?

I work with the students for a half hour a week on Wednesday mornings before school. We set up and film our weekly News production. We have just started to branch out and are planning to start filming in locations around Cedar City and do special features on places in our local community.

IS05How many kids to do the morning news broadcast? Do you also do a weekly broadcast? Special events coverage?

Our eight students rotate in as anchors of our Morning News broadcast. We mostly cover teacher and staff interviews, weather reports, announcements and film special events going on at our school.

Do your students capture other school events? Sports? Assemblies? Board meetings? Musical Performances?

We are working on it!

What jobs do the kids do? Do the kids rotate through on-air talent and crew positions or are they “hired” for a specific task?IS04

Students rotate in the following positions:
2 News Anchors
Production Assistant
Audio and Video

Do students audition for on-air positions?

Yes. Each one of our students had to submit a 30 second video of themselves reporting on some “news” at the beginning of the year. We choose students based on grades, leadership ability and their audition tape.

Do they write the content?

Yes, the students write most of the content. The anchors for the week oversee and help to write the script on Monday or Tuesday during their lunch period.

IS03How long does the show run?

Our morning news usually runs about 5-10 Minutes.

Do you submit programming to independent contest such as those sponsored by STN, SkillsUSA, NATAS or others?

No, I have never even heard of these until now!

Can your broadcast be viewed outside the school? District-wide? Local cable access? On your school/district web-site?

Our videos are available via our school’s Facebook Page. So these videos can be viewed by members of our community and District. Watch here!

Where do you post programming? YouTube? Vimeo? SchoolTube? SVN-TV? Other?

Currently only on Facebook.

Do you have an equipment list you can share with our readers?

iPad with Green Screen App
iOgrapher stabilizer and tripod with Telescopic and Wide view Lenses
Cheap split lapel microphones
3 Lighting Umbrellas

Have any quick start tips!

You don’t need any fancy equipment to start something fun!



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