lakeview IntroLakeview High School is a new high school located just outside Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are fortunate to have a brand new studio.

Tell us about your background and how you decided to start teaching TV/Video production?


I have a Masters Degree in Career and Technical Education from WMU and a minor in English.  I was assigned to teach English after teaching business classes for 10 years due to our numbers being down, while teaching English the position to teach film arouse as the teacher who was suppose to teach it got a job at a University coaching.  So I applied for the job because I thought it would be interesting and I loved working with computers and being creative.  That was 3 years ago.

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How did you obtain initial funding for your program? How do you fund the class now?
The initial funding for our program came from a milage that was passed to build our new school.  I fund the class through school money and also by doing outside projects for the community and staff.

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Did you have equipment available?
We had minimal equipment available before the build but have pretty much all we need now.

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How many kids are in the TV/Video Production classes?  How is it broken down?  Is it a multi-year program?
We have anywhere from 30-50 in Broadcast and 80-100 in Film.  Students who take Film may then go on to take Broadcast.  I’m am hoping to start and Advanced Film class next year to continue the interest and building my program.

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Can you tell us a little more about the sessions:  How long are the classes? How many students? What types of projects?
Our class are roughly 1 ½ hours long.  In film we do 5 major film projects, Commercials, Music Videos, New Beginnings – 5 min. film, Short Film 15 min. and a Wild Card project where students can pick what they would like to do.

In Broadcast we split into two teams, ½ of the class will be in the studio producing the daily news show and are also responsible for B Roll footage and the other ½ of the class are working on News stories 30-90 secs. to air.  We switch roles every two weeks.

How many kids to do the morning news broadcast?  Do you also do a weekly broadcast? Special events coverage?
We do our broadcast in the afternoon and we split the class in ½ so we have 15 in the studio at a time.  We do cover some special events.

What jobs do the kids do?  Do the kids rotate through on-air talent and crew positions or are they “hired” for a specific task?
Anchors, Camera Crew, VTO/VTR, Audio, Teleprompter, Switcher, Floor Director

They rotate for the first 6 weeks and then they are “Hired”

Do students audition for on-air positions?
Students do audition for on-air positions.

Do they write the content? 
Anchors do write their own content for the world events sections and also sports and weather, the other items are written by the office because they are the announcements.  The students write lead ins and outs for their stories.

How long does the show run? 
10 Minutes

Do you submit programming to independent contest such as those sponsored by StudicaSkills and SchoolTube TV?
We have entered student work in film festivals before but not on these sites yet.  That is my goal for this year.

Can your broadcast be viewed outside the school? District-wide?  Local cable access?  On your school/district web-site?
It can’t be viewed outside the school normally.  We do have some samples posted on YouTube and also on my Classroom Website.

Do you have an equipment list you can share with our readers?
I have my inventory list which would show my film equipment, but I don’t have one for my studio.

Have any quick start tips!
Buy a camera and a tripod and get to work.