Wayne Hills High School is one of 2 public high schools in Wayne NJ.

Our district is also made up of 9 elementary and 3 middle schools. Our Television program has been around since the mid 1980's. It's founding teachers were Mike Castania & Laura Allegri.

Each year our program continues to grow and evolve in the ever changing field of TV production.218 375

Check out our YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/WayneHillsTV

Tell us about your background and how you decided to start teaching TV/Video production?

This is my 16th year teaching TV at Wayne Hills, I previously worked in the NYC area as a production technician for Cablevision. My main focus was editing, directing and Audio.
I met my wife in 1995 who was also a teacher, she convinced me to pursue the teaching idea.

I still to this day continue freelancing as an A1 & A2 doing mostly live sports. I work for a company called PS Wolf Media, his clients include NY Cosmos soccer, Northeast conference basketball, previously we also produced games for the NY Mets and MSG network (mostly High School sports)

How did you obtain initial funding for your program? How do you fund the class now?

When I started in 2001 we did not have much, most of the SD equipment was obtained from my industry contacts. In 2010 MSG Varsity was created, they had awards at the end of each school year and we won $26,000.

We do get some money each year from the board of ed, but we also are now producing a Video Yearbook as well as selling the football games that we simulcast live

Did you have equipment available?

When I started I had 2 macs that had Media 100 editing software. I had 2 studio camera’s, a few old stick mics, 2 svhs eng camcorders and a Videonics switcher. That’s it!
I almost quit after that first year

221 375How many kids are in the TV/Video Production classes? How is it broken down? Is it a multi-year program?

We run 6 sections of TV (year long classes)
3 TV I classes (9-11 graders) 19 per class
2 TV II classes (10-12 graders) 20 per class
1 TV III class (11 & 12 graders) 20 students
TV IV (independent study, placed with the III’s) max 5 students

Can you tell us a little more about the sessions: How long are the classes? How many students? What types of projects?

All classes are 42 minutes, each class averages about 17-20 students

How many kids to do the morning news broadcast? Do you also do a weekly broadcast? Special223 375 events coverage?

Our morning news is produced by my TV III and TV IV students (17 this year)
We also produce a weekly sports talk show, and are starting to produce a bi-monthly news magazine show
We produce many sporting events, concerts, talent shows, graduation (on the average around 50 events per year)

Do your students capture other school events? Sports? Assemblies? Board meetings? Musical Performances?
No board meetings (the town produces them) See last answer

What jobs do the kids do? Do the kids rotate through on-air talent and crew positions or are they “hired” for a specific task?

I rotate the jobs at the start and by the time they have experience they usually identify what they do the best

Do students audition for on-air positions?


Do they write the content?

Mostly, our morning news is a combined effort between us and the Journalism class (they write the copy)

IMG 1484 375How long does the show run?

Morning News- 5-8 min
Sports show- 15-30 min
News Magazine- will be 30 min

Do you submit programming to independent contest such as those sponsored by NATAS and STN?

No but we would be interested.
We did win $26,000 in V awards from 2010-2012 from MSG Varsity

Can your broadcast be viewed outside the school? District-wide? Local cable access? On yourIMG 2328 375 school/district web-site?

Yes, we have a YouTube Channel We have given up on local cable access (it will never be converted to HD)

Where do you post programming? YouTube? Vimeo? SchoolTube? SVN-TV? Other?

Do you have an equipment list you can share with our readers?

IMG 2334 375WHTV Equipment List (basic list of major items)

1 landscaping trailer (used for studio at football field)
3 Panasonic AVCCAM studio cameras
2 Panasonic HC X-1000 ENG Cam’s
1 Panasonic AG AC30 ENG cam
16 IMAC’S, each loaded with Adobe Premier, Photoshop, After Effects
1 PC loaded with Wirecast Pro - 4990k i7 quad core processor GTX980
RTS wired intercom
7 Sennheiser MD 46 stick mic’s
7 Sennheiser HMD 25-1 Announcer Headsets
Mackie 1642 sixteen channel audio mixer
250’ 16 dual gender input Canare audio snake
2 lil ears parabolic’s
8 Audio Technica lavaliers

Have any quick start tips!

Connect with industry people to acquire as much equipment as possible thru donations.
Having a video club stipend is a must for producing after school activities
Have an application process for advanced levels of TV

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