If you clicked on this article in hopes of a great story about how a student dropped a camera in spaghetti and ruined an Emmy award-winning package, you have come to the wrong place.

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The Buzzer Has Sounded

In June 2016, when I submitted my first article in the Sports Production Machine to our editor, John Churchman, I had no idea what a ride I was in for.

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SVNs Own Tom White Awarded 2019 TIEGA Award

While every high school student learns reading comprehension, how to solve a geometry problem and that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, students also have the opportunity to widen their horizons and take courses which fit their interests.

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Two Great Summer Camps for Journalists

Summer is upon us, which means warmer weather, time in the pool, maybe a vacation or two and oh, I can’t forget, the end of the school year—meaning for some, it is three months away from your journalism program.

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New Kid in School: I'm Movin' Out

As I sit here in this meeting, Billy Joel’s declaration continues to plow through my head… It seems such a waste of time - If that's what it's all about - Mama if that's movin' up - Then I'm movin' out - I'm movin' out….

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Why You Should Fight to go to NAB

Everyone giggles and gives me the “I see what you did there” look when I tell them that the week after our school’s spring break I go to Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters National Conference (NAB).

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New Collegiate Majors Open Wider Doors

With digital storytelling and production majors on the rise, more students who would have pursued a journalism degree in college now roll the dice on a degree that some say allows more freedom and flexibility in both career options and storytelling styles.

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A Certificate Program in Media and Education

The CAS is designed for educators who want to learn more about visual storytelling—video, film, television, radio, music, and the nearly infinite incarnations of these forms in online media—both how to make visual stories for teaching impact and how to help students tell their stories.

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