There are 4 levels of courses offered at Ocean City High. Students begin by learning important concepts and theories prior to touching any equipment.

Those enrolled in our most advanced level are eligible to receive 4 college credits for their work from Stockton University. Many discover an interest and turn that into a career path but even if they don't, they leave our program as smarter consumers of media and with skills that may prove useful in their future business and personal endeavors. This video, created by the students shows how the weekly show is put together.

In this video, the students are shooting on Panasonic cameras in the field with Sennheiser mic kits.  They will additionally sometimes use specialized camera gear from DJI and GoPro to accompany their packages.  That content is then edited on Adobe Premiere Pro and voice work is performed using Adobe Audition.  Each NLE system is connected to the vocal booth and entire school audio network (performing arts center/television studio) via Dante,

transmitting those signals over CAT5 so that students can capture multitrack sessions at their desktop.  They can additionally share content with each other and access our video library internally thanks to our NAS (Promise Technology's VESS).  Student editors have the ability to add music to their work thanks to our licensing agreement with Megatrax.  The production switcher in our control room is a BroadcastPix Granite 5000+ model (utilizing 2 M/E with 6 keyers, 2 channels of clip playback, still store, and CG).  Content is automatically sent to it via their BPNet cloud product.  What the students do is fill out a customized form online that provides a drag and drop location to upload their video media.  The form also contains upload utilities for behind the scenes photos and the image they want to have featured with the story in our web slider & social media streams.  They enter the title, name of the reporter, upload their script or provide a description, and select the category it’s to be filed under before being able to submit it (local news, school news, sports, entertainment, etc.).  During that process if it is just for the web they are done but if it's for TV they have an additional set of drop down menus that appear and that's where they enter all of their lower-thirds information and the time each graphic should hit on air within their piece.  All of this gets downloaded and used by the producers in the script.  Submitting that information gives our team everything we need when posting a story as well as preparing the package for air within the rundown.  In the control room, graphics are downloaded in the order they are to appear with a single click.  Those CGs are then imported into multiple channels of RapidCG where they are then ready for broadcast.  Our master control switcher is a Blackmagic Design ATEM 4K 1 M/E unit.  Audio is mixed using an Allen & Heath GLD console and the video wall is run off of a Mac Mini.  The studio features Blackmagic Design’s 4K Studio Camera model with Canon HD ENG glass mounted on Vinten pedestals.  Rundown Creator powers our show’s centralized studio operations (producing/directing, GFX, teleprompting) making collaboration easy since all show scripts and rundowns can be accessed virtually anywhere a computer or mobile device has internet availability.

The program can also be watched here: